Launching June 11, 2024Experience math in a completely different way.

Tile Farm’s product suite unlocks the beauty of math for everyone, from preschoolers to PhDs.

Math Made Beautiful

Developed by a family of teachers, mathematicians, and artists, Tile Farm is a completely new way of experiencing math—designed to show people of all ages how useful, intuitive, and beautiful math can be.

Access Tile Farm’s entire product suite with a single account:

Tile Farm Academy

Train your brain with daily games, puzzles, and creative challenges that sharpen new skills and expand your imagination.

Tile Farm Studio

Endlessly play, create, and explore the intersections of math and art with this simple and fun design platform.

Tile Farm Maker

Import your designs from Tile Farm Studio to create real life products such as apparel, school supplies, and more!

“My kids love playing with Tile Farm, and I love seeing them learn and grow with it.  Unlike the math they’ve been learning in school, it has taught them to think deeply and creatively.

Christopher Romo
Albuquerque, NM

“The first time my son used Tile Farm he was so excited about how easy it was to create amazing designs. Suddenly he was pointing out all the geometric shapes he could find around our house.”

Natasha Bakody
Burbank, CA

“My granddaughter now has a love and excitement for math I didn’t realize was possible.  I wish I could’ve had Tile Farm growing up.

Eileen Gilchrist
Chicago, IL

I never thought I’d see my kids so excited about math.  Tile Farm has been perfect for keeping my kids on track while having fun over the summer.”

Keith Krieger
Torrance, CA

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