Kickstart a beautiful, mathematical summer with Tile Farm!

What’s more exciting than getting out of school for summer? It’s a time to relax and explore—and a welcome break from the traditional classroom setting. But students’ math skills can fade over the summer without regular maintenance—and finding fun activities to maintain that hard-earned knowledge can be especially difficult.

Look no further! Tile Farm is the perfect summer math activity—inviting students to think deeply and play with math creatively. Here are a few ways to kickstart your summer using Tile Farm: 

Develop a daily Tile Farm Academy routine

Tile Farm Academy’s daily challenges are a great way to stay sharp. Find a few minutes every day to play fun games and solve puzzles—and earn gems to spend in Tile Farm Harvest. Complete five daily challenges in a week, and you’ll earn a Super Week Bonus—extra gems to grow your Harvest collection!

Plan family game nights with Tile Farm Playground

Tile Farm Playground offers a perfect opportunity for family game nights—with a mathematical twist. With 16 daily activities spanning seven difficulty levels, Tile Farm Playground offers something exciting for people of all ages and skill levels. Designate a weekly family math game night—where you take turns playing Tile Farm Playground’s activities, games, and puzzles together!

Explore project-based learning in Tile Farm Studio

Summer is a great time to work on elaborate art projects. Tile Farm Studio is a powerful design tool that bridges math with art—and it’s perfectly suited for fun project-based learning activities. Check out Tile Farm Studio’s lessons section for dozens of tips and tutorials for inspiration!

Design a backpack in Tile Farm Maker

Bring math to life with Tile Farm Maker—by printing your Tile Farm Studio creations on real-life products like t-shirts, backpacks, or jigsaw puzzles. For a fun summer project, learn how to design a backpack, then order your special creation in time to start the new school year in style. Be sure to check out the inspiration and tutorials section of Tile Farm Maker for more tips! 

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