About Tile Farm

Why We Made Tile Farm

Unfortunately, math has a bad reputation…

But at its core, math is actually beautiful and exciting!  Math is a universal language that transcends cultures and helps us build, explore, understand and imagine.  Math is at the heart of so many things we love — cooking, art, music, film, science, and technology are all deeply rooted in math.

The big problem is, most of us never get to experience the true excitement and beauty of math, due to the way it is taught in school.  That’s why we made Tile Farm — a suite of apps aimed at unlocking the beauty of math for everyone, from PreK to PhD.

Our Values

Our unique math learning experience is built on the following core values:

  • Encouraging playful and creative engagement with math.
  • Integrating math learning and the development of problem-solving skills.
  • Connecting math to a wide range of subjects, including art, history, and science.
  • Creating a continuous learning experience from early childhood through adulthood.
  • Making math learning joyful and engaging.
  • Fostering connection between children, their friends, and family through math.
The Tile Farm Studio canvas above, collaboratively created by two siblings from Albuquerque, NM highlights several of our values:  fostering a connection between children and their families through math learning, making math learning joyful, and integrating math with art.  

How Tile Farm Works:

Tile Farm is a suite of three interconnected products that teach math and problem solving, while allowing ample room for users to explore, play, and be creative.  Below is a description of Tile Farm’s suite of products and how they are interconnected.

Tile Farm Academy

Tile Farm Academy is a gamified learning system that adaptively develops learners’ math knowledge and problem solving skills through a set of three daily activities:

  • Mini Games are a set of three short games that gradually develop learners’ math knowledge and problem solving skills.
  • Big Thinker is a more difficult daily puzzle that pushes users to think deeply as they develop their problem solving perseverance.
  • Bright Idea is a daily creative prompt that blends math learning and creativity, while teaching people how to build beautiful patterns in Tile Farm Studio.

Users earn gems by completing their three daily activities, then can spend them in Harvest to collect beautiful geometric patterns and art made in Tile Farm Studio by professional artists.

Tile Farm Studio

Tile Farm Studio is a simple and fun design platform that allows users to endlessly play, create, and explore the intersections of math and art.  When it comes to what can be done in Tile Farm Studio, the sky’s the limit!  

  • Children love to use the app to relax, play, explore, and make art
  • Professional designers have used Tile Farm Studio to design things ranging from logos to apparel
  • Professional artists have used Tile Farm Studio to create digital artwork featured in Harvest in Tile Farm Academy
  • Professional mathematicians have used Tile Farm Studio generate hypotheses and theorems, and conduct rigorous research 
  • Our team used Tile Farm Studio to design nearly everything in Tile Farm, from our games, to our avatars, and even our logo!

Tile Farm Maker

In Tile Farm Maker, users can import their designs from Tile Farm Studio to create real life products such as t-shirts, notebooks, backpacks, or jigsaw puzzles!  Not only is this a great way to make clothes, school supplies, or gifts, but it is a simple and fun way to make math relevant and useful.