How Families Are Using Tile Farm

For generations, the tradition of bedtime stories has been a cherished ritual in families all around the world.  These stories do more than just entertain; they ignite imagination, develop literacy skills, and strengthen the bonds between children and their families.  

What if there was something equivalent to bedtime stories, but for math?

Tile Farm has been designed to appeal to people of all ages, and can provide families with a shared mathematical experience that transcends generations.

As every family is different, we asked three Tile Farm Family subscribers how Tile Farm is being woven into their daily lives:

Grandmother-Granddaughter Connection

Ellen Betts is a retired nurse who watches Alicia, her 7 year old granddaughter, after school three days a week.   

Favorite Activities

Alicia:  Mini Games
Ellen:  Bright Ideas

A watermelon-butterfly Alicia created in Tile Farm Studio.

“Alicia had been struggling with math in school, and we looked into a tutoring center, but decided to try Tile Farm first.  To say it has exceeded our expectations would be a huge understatement.  Alicia was a little shy at first, but after getting into it more, her confidence in math has skyrocketed over the last few months.  

Alicia typically does Tile Farm after I pick her up from school.  She does her Academy challenges in about 15 minutes while I fix her a snack, then we like to play together doing Notice & Wonder and the building and coloring activities in Playground.  

I have also developed a routine where I do my Tile Farm Academy challenges almost every day.  After dinner I’ll do Tile Farm and Wordle.  It’s a fun routine that is both challenging and relaxing.”

Ellen Betts, Chicago, IL

Something For Everyone

Angela Carter is a full time mom and part time photographer with two sons Jack (4) and Ty (9). 

Favorite Activities

Ty:  Academy, Harvest, Playground, Studio, and Maker
Jack:  Bright Ideas
Angela:  Mini-Games, Big Thinker, Bright Ideas
John:  Shadow

A pixel art desert landscape Ty created in Tile Farm Studio, then printed in Tile Farm Maker and gave to his grandparents.

We are a family that loves games, puzzles, and art, and Tile Farm has been so much fun for all of us.  We all have our own things we love about it.

Ty and I both religiously do Academy every day.  On weekends when the kids go to their grandparents’ house, he’ll often get hours deep into designing things in Studio, and he recently printed a canvas in Maker for his grandma and grandpa, and a backpack for himself. 

Jack does Academy a couple days a week, and loves experimenting in Studio.  It’s really fun watching his eyes light up when he discovers something new.

My husband John doesn’t do the Academy as much, but likes playing in Tile Farm Playground with Ty on weekends. They always try to complete all the puzzles on the hardest difficulty level.”

Angela Carter, Tucson AZ

After Dinner Family Time

David Ruiz is an electrical engineer who has two daughters, Julie (3) and Lola (6).

Favorite Activities:

Lola:  The Greatest Game
Julie:  Helping her sister with Bright Ideas
David:  Big Thinker

A rainbow rhombi pattern that Lola recently created in Bright Ideas.

I’m always on the lookout for experiences that teach my daughters to think creatively, and Tile Farm is a beautiful mixture of art and creative problem-solving. 

We have a family routine of watching Lola do her Academy challenges after dinner on weekdays, then a few nights a week I’ll jump into my account and they’ll watch me complete mine.  

I think it’s been helpful for them to see me doing math, both struggling and succeeding.  Lola’s only in kindergarten, but she already understands that if there’s a problem you don’t know how to solve, you can probably figure it out if you keep trying.

David Ruiz, Pasadena, CA
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