Tiletorial:  Crescent Dodecagons

In this Tiletorial, you’ll learn a simple and elegant way of building a beautiful 12-sided shape (a dodecagon).

Estimated Time:  10 – 30 minutes
Subjects:  Multiplication, Geometry, Fractions, Factorization, Symmetry, Creative Expression
Ideal For: Families, Artists, and People of All Ages

1. Notice & Wonder

What do you notice about the image above?  What does it make you wonder?  What does it look like to you?  What types of tiles is it made out of?  How many tiles does it have?  Does it have symmetry? How do you think it was made?

2. Get Familiar

The pattern above is a special type of dodecagon (a 12 sided shape) called a crescent dodecagon.  Watch the video above to learn how to build your own crescent dodecagons in Tile Farm Studio.

3. Make It Your Own

Try building and coloring your own crescent dodecagons in Tile Farm Studio.  Watch the advanced coloring tutorial above for coloring tips.  

4. Bring It To Life

Crescent dodecagons are a fun design to use in Tile Farm Maker.  Try importing the design you made into Maker, and see what you come up with!

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