Studio Puzzle:  Find the Seed

Estimated Time:  15 – 60 minutes
Subjects:  Tessellations, Geometry, Symmetry, Spatial Skills, Creative Expression
Ideal For: Families, Artists, Architects, and People of All Ages

A repeating two dimensional pattern is called a tessellation.  In this Studio Puzzle, you will have to find the seeds of 3 different tessellations, then multiply them to make beautiful patterns. 

1. Get Familiar

Are you familiar with what a tessellation is and how to make tessellations in Tile Farm Studio?  If not, get familiar with this video:

2. Example Puzzle:  Find The Seed

A seed of a tessellation, is the initial cluster of tiles that gets multiplied to form a tessellation.  In this week’s puzzle, you will be shown three tessellations.  To solve each puzzle, first you need to find the seed, then build it, and multiply it to make a tessellation.  We show an example of how to do this in the video below:

3. This Weeks Puzzles:  Find The Seed


Hint:  There is 1 tile in the seed


Hint:  There are 3 tiles in the seed


Hint:  There are 6 tiles in the seed

4. Make It Your Own

A fun thing about these puzzles is that in the process of solving them, you learn how to make beautiful patterns.  Once you have finished your puzzles, watch the video below for three fun activities to do with your tessellations:

(Video with three things:  1. Color Them. 2.  Use them as a background. 3.  Try them in maker)

5. Unlock Tessellation Inspiration in Tile Farm Academy

Interested in seeing more cool tessellations?  Complete daily challenges in Tile Farm Academy to earn gems and unlock dozens of beautiful tessellations in Harvest.  Shown above is a tessellation from the Islamic Tilings harvest set.

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