Louis Romero

Founder & CEO

Louis Romero has a BS (1975) and PhD (1981) in applied math from Caltech. He worked as a research applied mathematician at Sandia National Labs for 39 years (he received his graduate degrees under Sandia’s OYOC and DSP programs). He has published over 60 peer reviewed journal articles (with over 3000 citations) and has obtained 7 patents.

He took part in the Department Of Energy’s Science Advisor Program, where he spent one day a week as the science advisor to Jefferson Middle school from 1990-97. During that time he developed numerous activities involving shapes and patterns, that are still being used by teachers to teach math effectively today. After the science advisor program ended, he continued working with several elementary schools, where he dedicated his time to help spread math awareness. He has taught a graduate level class on symmetry, and an introductory class on shapes and patterns for non-technical majors at The University of New Mexico. He also supervised a class at the Albuquerque Academy from 1997-2000 for elementary school students that used a preliminary version of Tile Farm. SInce retiring in 2014, he has been the CEO of Stellate Software, working with Robert Liberatore on the development of Tile Farm, and testing it in numerous elementary school classrooms. He is an Adjunct Professor of Math at the University of New Mexico