Combining math and art in a whole new way.

Tile Farm is unique in its ability to engage students powerfully while providing a diverse array of learning opportunities that promote higher order thinking skills with little time investment from teachers and parents.

Kids love playing with Tile Farm’s Design Mode because it allows them to create complex shapes and patterns quickly and easily, with beautifully engaging animations and the ideal toolset for custom creations.

Patterns and lesson plans that could take hours to create are now accessible in seconds, making new math discoveries easy and fun for parents, teachers, and students of all ages.

Creative Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Through Tile Farm’s Design Mode and Store, teachers will be able to incorporate creative new math activities, and parents will be able to share their child’s joy and excitement when their custom creations arrive in the mail.

Product offerings will include school supplies, apparel, and custom 3D-printed tile sets: perfect for parents seeking memorable math-based activities, and teachers looking for entrepreneurial lessons* that support compelling product design activities and positive STEM associations in and out of the classroom.

* Comprehensive teacher resources will include fundraising strategies and activities to make these opportunities accessible for schools of all income levels.