Studio Design Contest:  48 Rhombi

Estimated Time:  10 minutes – 10+ hours
Subjects:  Number Sense, Creative Expression
Ideal For: Designers, Artists, and People of All Ages
Contest Submission Window: Date – Date

Tile Farm Studio Design contests happen the second week of every month, and encourage users to get creative and share their artwork with the Tile Farm community.  Submit your design for a chance to win a Tile Farm Maker gift certificate!

1. Get Familiar  

A rhombus is a four sided shape where all of the sides are equal length.  Shown above are the rhombi that can be found in TIle Farm Studio.  Can you find a shape set in Tile Farm Studio that is all rhombi?

2. Build

Build whatever you want, as long as it uses 48 rhombi.  Get creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas, but remember you only get to submit one design per contest.

3. Double Check Your Answer

Does the pattern you made have 48 tiles in it?  

Are all of the tiles in your pattern rhombi?

4. Submit Your Design

We’d love to see what you make!  

Submit your design for a chance to have it featured in Harvest and win a Tile Farm Maker gift certificate.

For instructions on how to submit your design, watch the video below:

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