Transforming Math Education

Inspiring a love for the beauty of mathematics in people of all ages, Tile Farm is a suite of products and services designed to revolutionize the way we learn.

Tile Farm Studio can be used to create meaningful geometric representations of numbers.
This pattern illustrates the order of operations for both dots: (3+8)*2*8 = 176, and tiles: (4*5)*8 = 160.

Math is for Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “math person.” Negative attitudes towards math in children and adults are largely a result of a non-inclusive and rigidly designed education system. Tile Farm breaks away from this norm, and allows users to rediscover math in a way that is creative, exploratory, and deeply personalized.

The Tile Farm Suite of Products

Studies have shown that mathematics learning is improved when both symbolic and visual areas of the brain are activated. The Tile Farm Suite of products allows users to explore and play with math in a highly visual context that nurtures mathematical intuitions unlike any math game or resource to date. Our products can adapt to nearly any subject, standard, or grade level: supporting a deeper understanding of the material through a more accessible, versatile, and impactful curriculum.

A Zia Symbol designed in Tile Farm Studio incorporates concepts of addition, multiplication, subtraction of fractions, and symmetry into a culturally relevant design.

Tile Farm Studio

Tile Farm Studio is a universal STEAM platform bridging the worlds of art and math in exciting new ways. Its diverse functions, tools, and tile sets allow users to create beautiful geometric patterns, and provide teachers with nearly infinite ways to implement highly visual and exploratory math lessons. Tile Farm Studio Beta is currently available to download and test on Android tablets and Chrome devices, and will be available for browser and iOS devices soon. 

Tile Farm Arcade

Tile Farm Arcade is a unique gaming platform featuring weekly games and puzzles designed to transform the way we learn and teach mathematics. Fun and engaging for users of all ages, the arcade’s highly visual challenges offer an entirely new approach to the development of numeracy, spatial, and problem solving skills.

In The Greatest Game, users simultaneously develop their spatial and numeracy skills as they analyze and compare geometric dot patterns.

Tile Farm Academy

Tile Farm Academy is a social learning platform designed to meet the most essential needs of students in classrooms, homes, and customized learning environments. The Academy brings all the elements of the Tile Farm suite of products and services together as a structured, gamified, creative curricula that can adapt to the needs of students throughout their educational lives. 

Backed by Science

Developed by a team of highly experienced educators, mathematicians, designers, and scientists, Tile Farm’s products are based on a wealth of educational research, and are intended to develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics and problem solving. Tile Farm is a National Science Foundation awardee that has been shaped by hundreds of hours of in-class testing and is in the process of becoming an iconic, world-class math resource.